The Stadium

Q. How do I contact The Sevens Stadium?
A. Email sports.events@thesevens.ae or call +971 4 518 1333 or whatsapp +971 56 999 4600

Q. Who owns and operates The Sevens Stadium?
A. The Sevens Stadium is owned and operated by the Emirates Group

Q. Do you have any cash machines or ATMs onsite?
A. There are currently no ATMs at The Sevens Stadium. The nearest selection of ATMs is at the Dubai Outlet Mall located 10km from the venue

Q. Is there a Ticket Office onsite?
A. No. Ticket Offices are the responsibility of the Event Organiser

Q. Is there a shop to purchase clothing onsite?
A. No. There is currently no shops on site to purchase sporting equipment

Q. What do I do if I lose or find an item at The Sevens Stadium?
A. Please either email sports.events@thesevens.ae or call +971 4 518 1333. For items lost at the Emirates Dubai 7s please call +971 56 680 4927 or email sports.events@thesevens.ae

Q. Can I smoke at The Sevens Stadium?
A. Yes you can although only in the designated outdoor areas. Smoking is not permitted inside the Players Club, the Grandstand or the Cricket Pavilion, including all Changing Rooms

Q. Are there any baby changing facilities
A. Yes, in the Players Club, the Grandstand and the Cricket Pavilion. All of which are signposted

Q. Is the venue Wheelchair Accessible?
A. Yes, the venue, the Players Club, all four Pitch 1 Grandstands and changing rooms are accessible by wheelchair and with prams / children's buggies

Q. Can I fly my drone over The Sevens Stadium or in the vicinity?
A. No, unless you have permission from The Sevens Stadium and the Civil Aviation Authority. Please contact us on either email sports.events@thesevens.ae or call +971 4 518 1333 for further details

Q. Are there any Prohibited Items that are not allowed onsite?
A. For the safety of all guests, please do not bring selfie sticks; personal protection items; knives; sharp objects; flares to the stadium. Please also be aware that scooters, bikes, roller skates, skate boards or roller blades are not allowed to be used on the Players Club ramps, balcony, roof or inside the Players Club

Q. Is there parking at The Sevens Stadium?
A. Yes. We have space for 15,000 cars for the larger events taking place on Pitches 1 and/or 2 with a further 1,000 spaces for cars on the Players Club side of the venue

Q. Will I get wet if it rains or is there shading from the sun?
A. Unless your event is held inside either the Players Club, the Cricket Pavilion / Changing Rooms or the Grandstand then you will be exposed to the weather. Although there is some sun shading on the Grandstands surrounding Pitch 1 there is no other protection other than large umbrellas with the picnic tables around the remaining areas of the venue

Q. Can I buy cigarettes from the venue?
A. Yes you can from our Players Club Bar - Sideliners 

Q. Who can use the swimming pool?
A. Facility users are able to use the swimming pool during daylight hours however please note that a Lifeguard is not always on duty. Adult supervision is the responsibility of those using this facility. If you are not a facility user, and you wish to use the swimming pool, please sign in at our Security Reception at the Players Club

Q. How do I advertise at the venue?
A. Either email sports.events@thesevens.ae or call +971 4 518 1333

Q. What First Aid provision is there at The Sevens Stadium?
A. Please note that there are no permanent First Aiders or First Aid equipment at The Sevens Stadium. Event Organisers need to discuss this with their stadium representative who will explain how to arrange this as part of the event including the booking of ambulances

Q. Emergency Contact Numbers
A. Ambulance – 998; Fire – 997; Police – 999;



Q. How many sports pitches and cricket ovals are at The Sevens Stadium?
A. Please refer to our Virtual Tour

Q. How do I book a pitch / oval?
A. Either email sports.events@thesevens.ae or call +971 4 518 1333

Q. Can the pitches / ovals be marked for different sports?
A. Yes. You can discuss your requirements in full when you contact us on either email sports.events@thesevens.ae or call +971 4 518 1333

Q. Can I bring my family to watch my games at The Sevens Stadium?
A. Yes, in fact we would encourage this. We have plenty of green space around the venue as well as shaded seating and a number of picnic benches with umbrellas to give plenty of shade to our visitors

Q. Can I book in advance? 
A. Year on year The Sevens Stadium has dramatically increased the number of events that we have hosted throughout the venue. Due to the busy schedule, we recommend that you book well in advance to ensure you and your team can be allocated the date(s) & time(s) that you need

Q. I'd like to join a rugby/football/netball/cricket club, can you point me in the right direction
A. Please refer to our website for the contact details of the rugby, netball and football teams based here

Q. Can I play cricket with a hard tennis ball?
A. Yes. It is the client's choice on which type of cricket ball is used

Q. Can I use the cricket nets during my cricket match?
A. The astro turf nets are available free of charge for 30 minutes prior to all bookings on a shared basis

Q. Can I book the cricket nets without booking a cricket oval?
A. Yes. Either email sports.events@thesevens.ae or call +971 4 518 1333



Q. Can I hire The Sevens Stadium?
A. Please contact us via either email sports.events@thesevens.ae or call +971 4 518 1333 and you will be directed to the relevant member of the support team

Q. How do I arrange a meeting, event or function at The Sevens Stadium?
A. Please contact us via either email sports.events@thesevens.ae or call +971 4 518 1333and we will put you in touch with the correct department

Q. If I am holding an event or activity at The Sevens Stadium am I allowed to position my own branding?
A. This will very much depend on the nature of your event, the extent of your branding and the other users onsite at the same time. The Sevens Stadium is open to discussion regarding branding so please liaise with your contact at The Sevens Stadium when you are making your booking

Q. Can I host a corporate booking for my work colleagues??
A. We host many corporate bookings throughout the season from small groups to large corporate days out. Make sure to get in touch with our team on either email sports.events@thesevens.ae or call +971 4 518 1333

Q. How much does it cost to hold an event at The Sevens Stadium?
A. This is totally dependent on the exact requirements of your event and the support you require. We do not have a rate card for events held at The Sevens Stadium simply because every event is different. Once you have visited us on site to discuss you event in detail, we will provide you with a tailored Quotation. In the first instance please either email sports.events@thesevens.ae or call us +971 4 518 1333



Q. Can we bring our own F & B onsite?
A. Please note that external food and beverage will not be permitted to be brought into The Sevens Stadium. This is strictly enforced.
The stadium has an extensive Food & Beverage (F & B) service available from several outlets offering a vast array of a la carte and pre-arranged F & B options.
Small bottles of water for personal consumption and items of food for babies are permitted onsite as well as special dietary requirements for those with specific needs.
If you are an Event Organiser please discuss your requirements with the stadium's Events Manager by emailing sports.events@thesevens.ae

Q. Can I purchase alcohol whilst at The Sevens Stadium?
A. During regular operations our bar is open as follows:

  • Monday to Friday from 4.00pm
  • Saturday to Sunday from 08.00am (alcohol sales are from 11.00am)

However during events, whether alcohol is available as part of the event or not is dictated by the Event Organiser

Q. What F & B is on offer?
A. Read about our Food & Beverage on the Events Facilities page


Directions & Accomodation

Q. How do I get to The Sevens Stadium?
A. Please use our map  

Q. How far is The Sevens Stadium from Dubai?
A. By car: 35 minutes from Dubai Marina; 15 minutes from Silicon Oasis; 25 minutes from American Hospital; 40 minutes from DXB International Airport

Q. What accommodation / hotels are near The Sevens Stadium?
A. Premier Inn Silicon Oasis is 15 minutes' drive from The Sevens Stadium. The JW Marriott Marquis is also a recommended hotel


Emirates Dubai 7s

Q. How do I purchase tickets for the Emirates Dubai 7s? 
A. For any questions relating specifically to this event, please visit the tournament website https://dubairugby7s.com

Q. How do I enter a team in the Emirates Dubai 7s Tournament?
A. Please send an email to Dubai.7s@thesevens.ae or complete an online registration at https://dubairugby7s.com


Volunteering/Working at the Stadium

Q. How do I apply to work at The Sevens Stadium as a volunteer for events?
A. Please either email sports.events@thesevens.ae or call +971 4 518 1333

Q. How can I apply for a work placement or work experience at The Sevens Stadium?
A. Please either email sports.events@thesevens.ae or call +971 4 518 1333

Q. Where do I find out about vacant permanent positions at The Sevens Stadium?
A. Please refer to our website