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11 August 2020

Although there has been no sports action since April the hard working ground-staff and contractors have been busy renovating all the sports and cricket pitches to ensure our loyal clients return to the best facilities in the UAE.

Hear from Ben Corby, Sports Turf Manager - Desert Group about what took place over summer -

We started the pitch renovation as per previously set schedule with a few changes but with our ultimate aim to turn the fields around in the agreed time frame. Obviously not knowing when usage would start again isn’t normal, as we usually work back from key dates and plan all the operations accordingly.

The work included;

  • Scalping the surface down to remove top growth
  • Verticut to remove excessive thatch/stolons
  • Hollow core aeration to remove further thatch and open up the surface
  • Topdressing to improve surface levels and profile
  • Then ongoing maintenance including, irrigation, cutting, fertiliser etc. 

Because we started some of the fields in April and without the usage the fields did become a bit spongy and thatch levels increased quicker, so we made the call to go again with more renovation especially on pitch 1 with another verticut to help the surface. Cricket was performed exactly the same and the team at TSS conducted their usual centre wicket renovation on all 3 cricket ovals and net areas.

The pitches and ovals are looking the best they have for years! Really looking forward to seeing the community get out there and enjoy them from August 16 onwards.